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Jennifer Lopez can be found these days walking down an airport tarmac with sky-high stilettos or sending finger-flipping nailfies to her manicurist Tom Bachik from the comfort of her home. Her range of talents includes singing, acting, dancing, and, as her latest glittering manicure proves, picking out nail art. 

But how does one create a manicure that shines as bright as the rare gem of her engagement ring? We may not have all the answers, but thankfully we do have Bachik, who shared his latest design for the singer-actor via Instagram on June 21.

My eyes didn't know what to focus on at first. The manicure featured gemstones both big and small plus some iridescent crystals placed along the center of the thumb, middle, and ring finger. We've seen J.Lo sport more of a medium-length, soft-coffin shape lately, but this time she went full throttle with stiletto-shaped nail extensions. Atop a clear gel-like base, psychedelic accents remained consistent throughout this manicure. I can already imagine Bachik singing along to the lyrics of her 2002 single "Jenny From the Block" while carefully placing each gem onto every fingernail.

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Lopez brought her own sass to her "diamond drip" stiletto nails by way of Instagram as well. The 15-second clip she posted features still shots of her caramel brown curls making waves to the song titled "It's Givin" by Latto. But for now, just as Bachik's caption reads, there is no fooling anyone here. Not today. God only knows how expensive her treasure chest set of nails may be. 

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